Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chiang Mai!

I'm currently in Chiang Mai at the Amari hotel. It's lovelyyy, I've had SUCH a fun time.

I got my visa yesterday and I'll try and blog soon about everything.

I'm off to try and get a bus ticket then eat pizza for brunch with Ben and Lianna. Back to Mae Sot today hopefully! I'm missing it already!


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Gone to Mae Sai to renew visa

Louise has a one year visa to be in Thailand but she has to leave and re-enter the country every 90 days. As she's been there 3 months on 4 October, she needs to leave the country. Usually that's quite easy because she can just cross the Friendship Bridge in Mae Sot to Myawaddy in Burma. However that border between Thailand and Burma has been closed since July this year so she had to find another border to cross.

Today she took the 6 hour bus journey to Chiang Mai, where she's staying in the lovely Amari hotel. Tomorrow, Thursday, she travels to Mae Sai in the very north of Thailand to cross the border to Tachieik in Burma. That's another 5 hr bus journey ( I think). She has 1 hour to cross the border, re-enter Thailand, buy cheap DVDs then get the bus back to Chiang Mai to collapse in her lovely Amari Hotel bed before returning to Mae Sot on Friday.

Good luck, Louise and don't sleep in for that bus!

Posted by Sheila, her mum to keep you up to date......

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Naw Blay's wedding.

The night before the wedding Lisa, the kids and I went and stayed at Jack and Niamh's house. Naw Blay and Jack Tummy's family were staying at Jack and Niamh's. There were over 20 people staying because Jack's dad runs a boarding house in Mae La refugee camp, a lot of students came to the wedding with them,
We ate, played cards, watched a movie etc. It was really lovely.

In the morning, we ate loads of toast (yummy!). Everyone got ready in their Karen outfits.
This is MayMay and Ailsa. I helped with the makeup for a lot of the girls. These are some of Jack's Dad's boarders.

One of the boarders with Jack's brother.

Naw Blay getting ready! Beautiful wedding colours, she looked gorgeous.

Niamh with Aine.

Moo Moo (Jack's sister-in-law) doing some make-up.

Jack looking very handsome next to beautiful May May.

Naw Blay's younger sister, such longggggggg hair!

Lisa, Niamh , Aine, Naw Blay and May May

The ring bearer's didn't have enough string to tie the rings so Naw Blay cut string from May May's outfit. Dangerously close to her neck.
Look at Niamh's expression!

Wee Jack.

Saw Go in the wedding colours.

Everyone piling into the car.

The people sitting in the back.

Naw Blay looking beautiful!

Niamh, Aine and P P.

The wedding party.

Eveybody walking into the church, the boarder students are singing.

Jack Tummy

Ailsa running about.

All the kids got really bored. The ceremony lasted about 2 hours.

Lots of singing. This is Moo Moo (Naw Blay and Jack's sister-in-law) singing.

At the end everybody shook hands with Eh Lin and Naw Blay.

And took many photos.

Then we had such yummy food!! I want some now actually, it was soooo yummy.

After, we went back to Jack and Niamh's house. Little Jack and Ailsa played in the paddling pool.

It was such a lovely day! I'm so happy for Naw Blay :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

5.30am! Eughhh!

I'm going to Mae La refugee camp this today with Poh Cho and Ni Shar. Woke up at 5.30am!

I'm currently trying to stuff myself with as much food as possible :)

Blog tomorrow.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My New House!

I haven't blogged in agessssssssss! I've been quite busy. Hardly been in my house. On Saturday I went to Naw Blay's wedding and it was lovely. I'll blog about that later.
I tried to blog last night and it was taking over 20 mins to put pics up. I'm at the school today using their wireless and it's a god speed. So I'll be writing the blogs from school.

On the 31st of August I moved into my new house :)
I had to stay in the house all day and wait for deliveries. Fridge, bed and gas stove with canister.

Jack, Ailsa and one of the boarding house students came round to play and watch movies.

This is the rubbish view from the kitchen. It had a really nice view before but now they built a huge wall :(
My (tall) bed came!

This is my kitchen. It's packed with things. I can make anything! Ku Paw (the nursery headteacher) gave me a toaster oven because she never uses it. I've made pizza and cakes in it. It's small though, so everything has to be mini.

Out the back there is a tap. So I didn't bother buying a sink. I've been washing dishes the Burmese way. I have two basins and I fill them with water (one soapy). It's easy and cheap!
The morning after I moved in though, I found a cockroach and a drowned lizard in the water because I forgot to empty it at night. This is the drowned lizard. This is my bed now, all set up. :) It's comfyyy. I have a huge mosquito net to cover it.

Going up the stairs.
My upstairs bathroom.

My house is so huge and I was never going upstairs (except for the shower). So I made the room that faces the football pitch out the front a dressing room. It's got clothes (only some cause I still need to unpack) on a railing and all my makeup.

I'm still unpacking! Bloomin 8 bottles on suntan lotion which are usless in Mae Sot as it's almost always cloudy.

There has been a slight problem with my house. It has cockroaches! Eugh! I have to kill them all the time. I've figured out that if you mop the floor with floor cleaner every day and spray with cockroach spray everywhere then they die a lot better. I still see them, but they're usually dead.
Okay, so that's my house! Sorry it took to long! x