Saturday, 31 October 2009

Whoops! I seem to have forgotten about my blog.

I went to Pizza Hut in Chiang Mai, mmm.

And bought 3 pairs of new shoes.

Went to the Pub, which was fabby. It's run by an English guy and his wife.

Went swimming in the amazing pool and ate fruit.

Then I got a manicure, pedicure & thai massage (eeek - sore).

The owner of the salon. He was very sweet.

I visited a beautiful shop.

And went home! Bye bye Chiang Mai.
The day after I got back to Mae sot, I visited Hle Bee. One of the school dogs had had seven puppies! I didn't even notice she was pregnant.

And I saw my lovely little baby, who can now speak! She can count to 10 in Burmese, very cute!

GA and I went to the Loy Krathong festival market at the Thai/Burma Moei river border.
It was beautifully lit and packed with market stalls.

There were Thai singers with fabby dancers (mostly ladyboys).
When I was visiting Borderline, the girls told me I'd gotten a package (the halloween package I was expecting from Mum).

The next day I went to the school and found the cute puppies. I named this one Jeremy after my hamster.

Last night, we went back to the festival market and GA and I went on the 'big eye' as he called it. Nothing like the london eye.

Afterwards, we saw the driver for BMWEC, he's also a teacher. I see him around a lot and he's a lovely guy. I didn't know he had children until he introduced me to them that night, they were very sweet and speak brilliant English! I bought a firework stick thing, you light the end and hold it up into the air and it shoots off about 20 fireworks. It was so much fun and the kids loved it.

Then I went home and Cat called, I miss speaking to her so much. We had a huge conversation which was fabby. She says that she feels better about going to Africa in January because she knows what a good time I'm having here. Glad I could help!


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Chiang Mai

"Saw her and her huge convoy of security today .... Heard from a close BIB friend that security will be tight tonight at Pasta Cafe Soi 5 Nimmanhaeman for a VIP American female (no guessing huh). Apparently she is in town to look at adopting a thai yai hill tribe boy."

She has very good taste, the pasta cafe is amazingly good.

I did hear from the owner of 'The Pub' that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were coming to Chiang Mai with lots of people to build houses. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon (I think) have a charity which supports the Mae Tao clinic. So I am hoping he'll decide to come and visit me in Mae Sot :)

Fun eh?


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Yesterday I was invited to Nick, an american voltunteer's class at Doctor Thein Lwin's other migrant learning centre - 9am. His class are Burmese migrant students in Chiang Mai and they were fantastic. We each told a story as part of preparation for their speaking examination. I told my story of the Thai authorities coming to Hle Bee.

That afternoon, I met my roommate from Homestay A in Mae Sot, she was in Chiang mai for 2 days. We went to get smoothies (fabby) and talked for a while. After, I went to happy hut (where I am right now) and then to the Amari. I has carrying my laptop and everything, went to my hotel room door and my bloomin keycard wouldn't work in my door. So I had to go back down to reception to get it fixed then back up to my room, drop off my stuff and head out to meet Murray and Stewart at 94 coffee (I think that's what it's called).
It was so lovely to see Murray and Stewart again, I missed them a lot since I saw them last in August. I had a fantastic hot chocolate, much better than Starbucks or Costa. Mum called and talked to Murray and Stewart for a wee bit. It was really nice, we made arrangements for dinner then I went back for a swim at the hotel.
We went to this amazing restaurant for dinner and I had a spaghetti carbonara. Mum, you'll love this place, it's not near Nimmenhaeminda. Murray and Stewart had fabby looking dishes - meat and mashed potatoes and my carbonara was amazing. Murray and I shared a chocolate mousse for dessert, fabby.
Afterwards, we went to a bar by the river which was beautifully lit with coloured lamps and candles.

We sat for a while and had some drinks.
Murray and Louise.

Then they dropped me off back at the Amari and I went to sleep.
Caro! I watched Eden Lake again. I almost couldn't watch it because it's so horrible. I cannot believe how sick it is, amazing movie thoughh. It's such a strange movie cause it is something that could totally happen in the UK. It just gets so out of hand cause they're a bunch of neds. And the endingggggg, it's so amazing. Eeeee, we need to watch good new movies when I get homeeee. Or find me some in blockbuster and I'll watch them from hereee. I'm gonna watch Funny Games again.
love youuuuu, x

19th of October.

On the 19th (Monday) Lisa, Rocky and the kids came to the Amari for a swim. Lisa had to do a bit of work, so she went to an internet cafe for a while and came swimming after.
It was really fun, I'm in love with this swimming pool.
Jack was a brilliant swimmer.

Ailsa and I playing in the baby pool.

After, we were all starving. So we went to Mike's burger bar across the road and ate.

Then we were reallyyy full.

Then I had to say goodbye to them, the next day they left for the farm they will be staying at an hours drive out of Chiang Mai. I will definitely miss them, but it was so nice to have those few days with them in Chiang Mai. A lot easier to say goodbye than if I was in Mae Sot.
That night, Doctor Thein Lwin phoned me and asked me to come to his Migrant Learning Centre and then for dinner. It was the first night of the 'semester' so there was a lot of speaking. I introduced myself to them and told them about my mother who had visited them in July (

After, we went out to dinner with all the teachers to a Thai Seafood restaurant - my two least favourite things to eat. So I had chicken fried rice instead. The restaurant was beautiful though because the electricity was out and the entire place was lit with candles. It had rained so heavily around 5ish and throughout the night that the electricity everywhere went out at various places at various times for most of the evening.
I was so knackered when I got home that I just crashed, but woke up in time for the amazing Amari breakfast in the morning of course.

18th of October.

Had to wake up very early, Jack picked up Rocky, Lisa and the kids then came to pick me up, then we went to the bus station. Then he went back to bed whilst we loaded onto the bus to Chiang Mai.

The journey went fairly fast, I never really mind it because I can sleep through it. 6 hours isn't too long. But it was made extra speedy because of the kids. Jack and Ailsa were both car sick most of the way, which wasn't very nice for them. But we watched some movies on my laptop and slept a bit so it was okay.

Then we got to Chiang Mai. I checked into the Amari (very posh) and they went to stay at their friend's house. The Amari is beautiful and on my first night I went back to the Pasta Cafe. I have been craving their Penne Carbonara for 3 months! It was amazingly good. I do wish I was staying a bit longer because I haven't been to Pizza Hut or McDonalds yet (must do that tomorrow). I also need to buy shoes.


17th of August - The Dam

On the 17th (Saturday) I went to play with the kids and Lisa and Rocky's house. This was my last time at their house before they left. It was fun, we played most of the day until 4ish, then we all went to the dam again.

Jack's vampire teeth, why do they have these everywhere? It's like they're an essential item or something.
Ailsa and Jack tried my soda water and their reactions were hilarious.

The noh noh's climbing trees at the dam.

Noh Kerry and I went for a walk and found baby chicks.

Niamh and her baby Aina.

I showed Noh Kerry how to use my camera and she took a lot of photographs.

Ailsa swimming.


Jack being taught to fish.

Noh Kerry on the tree swing.
After, we went back to Jack and Niamh's house. The gate was locked and his Grandmother was inside the house. She couldn't find the keys, so Lisa climbed over to find them. Jack also tried to climb over, but he had a sore toe and got stuck on the wall. I found this very funny.

So we played Rummikubs (amazing game) and then I went home to pack.