Monday, 30 November 2009

22nd November - 30th November

I decorated my room with Christmas lights etc. Mum's sending more christmas decorations in the post so I'm excited to decorate my room more. I bought flowers from the market - 72p - and mopped the floor!

Niamh and her baby Aina visited borderline which was lovely. Aina grows so fast!

This is some of the Grade 4, 5 and 6 girls practicing their dancing in the kitchen.

They forced me to join in. I have a video of it but I don't think I can upload it to the blog, I'll try.

Baby enjoys the new phone - phew!
Baby's Grandmother! Thazin's mother has come to stay at the school for a little while to see her new-ish grandchild.

All the classes had teachers again, so Phyu Phyu asked me if I wanted to do excercises with kindergarten A. They were brilliant at it.

And it was a fun way to spend the afternoon, they got really into it and Phyu Phyu joined in.

This boy was fantastic, he put so much effort into it.

Then I went to Grade 1 and all the kids had blue and purple lips! I asked teacher yan yan why and he said that they coloured their lips with pencils!
So the girls coloured in my lips purple and I made sure not to eat any of it. But when I went to dinner with the Canadian family who volunteer at Hle Bee and forgot I had bright purple lips haha.

This is the new Grade 1 teacher, she is very beautiful.
After school, one of the KGB boys' mother came to school and taught the teachers how to knit little bags.

Her son was really bored though so I emptied out the finger puppets and duplo for him to play with. His mother was very grateful and he loved it.

This is a cow. Or a bull, have no idea. It's tied up by a piece of rope that it could easily snap if it wanted to.

On friday I went to the clinic to help in the office. This is Muku and Jue Jue.

Jue wearing the driver's clothes..

Me and Jue.

Me and Saw Go.


Me and Saw Go.
On Saturday I showed my new roommate Clair around Mae Sot a little. We went to Borderline then the stationary shop, Canadian Dave's, Tesco, the market and Hle Bee. The baby fell in love with her, just stared at her the whole time. Very cute.
On Sunday Clair, Bobo and I went for breakfast to Lucky tea shop - a Burmese tea shop. We met Daniel (our other housemate) and Rainbow, two of the Taiwanese people there. Then we went to another tea shop which is hidden in the market. Then to Phyu Phyu Win's house, she hasn't been attending school for a few weeks now and she had told people that she was going to work in Burma. So we went to talk to her about what she wants to do, she wants to move to another school. So Bobo and I are going to go to CDC school and ask them some questions about her joining the school.
Afterwards I went to Borderline and played with Than Thoo Zaw for a bit, then Niamh came to pick me up and we went to a baby's birthday party. It was really nice and there were a few people I knew there. They were serving white rum cocktails - at a one year old's birthday party. Amazing.
Today I went in the shower and the water was all spurty and wouldn't work. My roommate called the homestay owner and she came over to see the problem. The kids next door had turned off the water supply outside out gate and the water tank was empty - pay back is in order. Then I went to school and fell asleep after teaching. Fabby sleep with Meme and baby.

My internet crashed just as I was about to finish this blog. Good thing it sorted itself out or I would have been very angry.

Sunday, 29 November 2009


I'm going to blog tonight, sorryyyyyyy!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

It's 15 degrees celcius! Unbelievable!

It's nearly 10am and school's closed today for Muslim day, so I'm going to the Mae Tao Clinic to help out in the office. Eating Coco pops, yum.
I'm gonna bring wooly socks to the clinic if it's this freezing, hello winter!


Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I was just telling my new roommate Clair about my cycle home from work yesterday. There was a man cycling along (very normal) but he had a huge cow on a leash and was trying to keep up with it. I had to check twice to make sure I was seeing it properly.

I'm cold! It's 18 degrees celcius here! My toes are frozen, I'm so glad I brought wooly socks and that my mum's sending a hot water bottle.

My internet's running really slow but I need to post so I get a comment from my mummy! :) Tell me something lovely mumma?

I just killed my second cockroach here. Do you want to know how to kill a cockroach? Squirt it with washing up liquid till it dies. Then you have to scoop it up with a dustpan and chuck it in the garden. The floor is covered in washing up liquid of course..traumatizing.


Friday, 20 November 2009

Another blog, you're so lucky!

This is a funny photo of Wei Hin bathing from ages ago.

On Tuesday I went into baby's house and she was sleeping under her cute mosquito net.
Very sweet.

This is the Hle Bee report card.

That afternoon I went into Grade 2 and was talking to the kids, then it started pouring down with rain. This is really unusual for this time of year because monsoon season is over so it's supposed to stop raining completely and get cold around now. But it was really really hot for a few days last week.
Anyway, the classroom flooded and everything got soaked!

On Wednesday, it was my day off so I went to the Mae Tao Clinic to visit some friends.
Afterwards, I went to the pet shop and held the Winter White hamsters again and also.......
a baby turtle!

They live in shallow water, but in one of the fish tanks, there was a bigger one. The owner held it for me while I took a photo.

After, I went to Borderline and spoke to GA. Then we went to a new cafe (it's in the road before Canadian Dave's road - for people who know Mae Sot). It was lovely, they bake lots of cookies and cakes, they also make smoothies and fruit drinks.
The women who run the shop are Phillipinos and they also have a migrant school. Children from their school can come and learn how to bake if they have an interest in it. I told them how excited I was so see an oven in Thailand and they told me I can come and bake any time at their shop and teach them how to bake. I'm so excited.
They also told me that I can bring some of my students if they're interested in baking, so I have asked Grade 5 & 6 if they want to do that.
How exciting eh? An oven in Mae Sot. She said that I can teach them to make normal bread because you can't get normal bread in Thailand, only sweet bread. I must learn how to make real bread first though! They must think I'm some fabby chef of something, I only know how to make chocolate cake!
Mingin Bo Bew, the school dog, had a hair cut. He looks even more mingin and you can see his bite wounds. The dogs fight all the time.

Today I got a new phone, I think it works in the UK as well as Thailand. It's a Wellcom 3319 and I loveeeee it. It holds 2 sim cards, so I can use my Thai and UK cards at the same time.
I got it from GA's friend who owns a second hand phone shop. Guess how much this amazing phone cost me?
£27!!! Can you believe it? I could never get anything like that in the UK!
Night night, Cat call me!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Meow, clever grade two and everybody's sleeping!

My Grade 2 class were brilliant the other day. They were very creative when it was to the health topic.
I now understand it's because my mum and her teachers taught them this before when they came. We're doing health as the topic now and I asked them to write a list of ways they can be healthy in their groups. Then we expanded on them on the board.
Please excuse my awful board writing, it always goes squint! How do you do it, teachers?

One girl brushes her teeth at 12pm every day. That's a little mental, but I wrote it up anyway.

They loved giving examples of all the different ways to excercise. They're so flexible.

Afterwards, I went to KG B and Kay Thi's daughter had fallen asleep at the same time as the babies! hahaa.

This photo is great!
Somebody spilt sugar whilst the puppy was sleeping. Somehow the puppy got sugar on his head and remained sleeping, you can only see the sugar up close though. It's also funny cause it looks like he's playing football.

Kindergarten B babies sleeping. So so so cute!

I absolutely had to take a photo of this. Some of the KG B boys put their backpacks on their stomachs and started ramming into eachother, they love it! Like sumo wrestlers. One of the other boys was trying to stop it hahaha.

Them loads of them started playing.

Sweet little boy.

Fabby glasses!

The naughty little girl who spilt water on my trousers, when I called her luszo ma she kept repeating it in a cute little voice and giggling. Luszo ma means naughty girl, it was definitely hard to stay angry at her :)

The boysssss.

Unwanted photograph.

More of the boys.

The only puppy with sticky-up ears!

After school, I went to Auntie's coffee and got cheese on toast, it's amazingly good.
When I was paying, the girl at the counter who I chat to when I'm there showed me her new kitten. It's from Cambodia and she had it taken to Mae Sot by bus!
Caro I know you will love this cat. It's so funny, it runs away from everyone and only comes when theres food. She calls for it by saying "meow meow meow.." but it a really funny voice, she's brilliant.
It clearly hates everyone.

He's so like Maowy Caro!

And he's incredibly soft!