Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mae Sot

I will eventually finish the blog of leaving Mae Sot. My computer broke and all the pictures were still on there, but it's fixed now. Look forward to the next bloggggg.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Landed in UK

Louise safely landed in London at 5.30am. The snow that cancelled Heathrow flights to Edinburgh yesterday afternoon and evening has gone so she is sitting waiting to fly up to Edinburgh at 8am. She had a really good flight. She managed to get her 11kg of hand luggage on board but she left one bag on the Heathrow bus between terminals. And yes it was the one with her passport in. Thankfully she got it back! So exciting.... she'll be home in 2 hours. HURRAY..... except she just asked if she could go straight back to Thailand!

I'm coming home! (but I still have to do many blogs when I get back).

I'm sitting in Chiang Mai airport. Checked in my luggage to Edinburgh, got it down to 23.7 kilos, yay! But now I have 3 hand luggage bags.
Chiang Mai - Bangkok - London - Edinburgh. Get home at 9.15am if everything goes fine.
I was considering getting a foot massage at the airport, yum. Think I'll pass though :(
See you sooooooooon. x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

On way home to Scotland 13.1.10

So many folk asking when Louise is returning so I am sneaking on to her blog, which will get me in big trouble, to tell you that Louise is in Chiang Mai just now, waking to her last day in Thailand this trip. She leaves Chiang Mai at 7pm on Wednesday 13th to fly to Bangkok. She flies from Bangkok at 00:10 on Thursday 14 March and gets into Edinburgh from London at 9.15am Thursday 14th January. Let's hope for a smooth and snow free journey.

Not surprisingly she has too much baggage and is insisting on bringing her hammock home. She's so determined to do this, she'll probably wear it onto the plane!

Safe journey, wee scone!

Mummah (as you keep calling me) x

Saturday, 9 January 2010