Monday, 6 December 2010

Dr Cynthia's Birthday

It was Dr Cynthia's birthday on Sunday but it was the King of Thailand's birthday then and the whole nation really celebrate that so Dr Cynthia's birthday was celebrated today by CDC School, the school she started from Mae Tao Clinic. You can see Dr Cynthia above speaking to her patients.
For more than a month, Louise has been practising Karen dance and song for 2 hours a day in preparation for a competition and to perform for Dr Cynthia. You can see the huge poster they made for Dr Cynthia's birthday in one of the photos.

Dr Cynthia's birthday presentation on PhotoPeach

I've blogged this to help Louise catch up with her blogs. She'll probably give me a(nother) row and hate the slideshows. Louise, you can delete them. You're looking fabulous. Love. Mum


  1. I was so lucky to see her performance on Karen New Year - just great ! Thanks Louise :-)*

  2. love it Louise !!! Waiting to u came back CDC