Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Update from October and November.

Ages ago! We had a birthday party at my house for Thai teacher Ki Ki's sister. I made spaghetti. As usual with the salt...

Some of the students..

Yummyyyyyy cake!

Teacher Ki Ki and I.

Then Sayama P Say Heh went to Scotland! Teacher Sunday is helping to pack her suitcase.

I lent P Say Heh my Burmese - English dictionary. She didn't need it though, everyone thought she only had a little English but she went and could speak brilliantly. Sneaky!

Her daughter was sick and throwing up in her bed whilst we were packing..

This is at Jack and Niamh's pig on a spit lunch.

Who are the brothers??

This is the day after the refugees fled into Mae Sot. The next day I went to the nursery to bring back a few things and the nursery had about 15 refugees sleeping on the floor! So I went and brought round some tablet I had made the day before.

They were shy to accept it so I left the box on the table...came back 15 mins later and ALL the tablet was gone. Who knew??

Little baby liked it too..by the way, they recently changed his name from Heh P'lu Soe to Heh P'lu Zai.

I brought in some of the nursery's resources for the temporary refugee children to play with. We watched the jungle book on my computer too. I brought magazines and make up for the women hahaha.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going to write this one very fast as I can't bear to look at the photo......!!!


I also went to Chiang Mai at the end of October. This was the first time I met Kyaw Win's baby daughter. She is very very sweet!

It was nearly Loi Kratong, so they had lots of cool light effects at the Gates of Chiang Mai.

We sent of a huge Loi Kratong lantern together.

In Chiang Mai, I went to get my feet nibbled by fish!

KFC with teacher Ki Ki...

Prepare yourself.....this photo is brutal!!

Muslim New Year at Mae La refugee camp! I went to visit Ni Shar's family inside Mae La for Muslim New Year and watched two bulls being slaughtered. It was....interesting. I watched the whole thing and apparently was sitting too close cause I had blood on my face!!

Say Ta Nar teacher.

Little kitten found at the clinic.

CDC Kindergarten chatting with P Say Heh whilst she was in Scotland. The wonders of Skype!

Eh Nar Moo's wedding being prepared.

My little family.

One of the Miss Loi Kratong contestants from CDC.

Ailsa, Jack and I went swimming with Sylvia and May May at the hot spring.

Loi Kratong floats.

P Say Heh returns from Scotland to teach Kindergarten.

Outside CDC, harvesting something...I don't know.

Pho Cho and Ni Shar's daughter putting thannaka on my face.

Nursery student literally climbing the walls!!

I feel so guilty that I haven't posted anything in ages! Now my computer's broken and all my photos are on there. I will fill in the gaps when I get home and post recent updates.

Sorry!! Louise x


  1. Great you've blogged all these lovely pictures Louise. I love that blue dress (of course). You're looking really well and happy. Your Grade 12 students are so old, strange that you are teaching them. I'm sure they're teaching you a lot too! Nice to see photos of Ki Ki. She's been such a great friend to you over recent months. Saw Sunday's smile is as cheery as ever. We miss Say Hei at Campie..... :(
    What a pose from our favourite brother!
    Tablet and make up for refugees in crisis... only you!
    MOUSE! I'll never forget that blooming mouse. So glad you got over that. Everyone asks how is Louise.Oh she's doing amazingly brave things but the whole 10 months was nearly ruined by a mouse.
    Kyaw Win's family are lovely and I am glad they are back with him. His son has grown so much in the last year!
    What an interesting diet from KFC to slaughtered bull then feeding yourself to the fish.
    Has Ailsa's hair been shaved???????????
    Great lot of photos. I particularly liked seeing CDC Students on skype to Say Hei.
    Lots of Love to you.

    I'm glad you've arrived safely in Sittwe, Burma for this week. I think you have just gone to Mrauk Oo which looks pretty amazing.


  2. I can't remember Louise's password so can't blog for her. However, I wanted to let you all know that Louise is safely in Perth, Australia to stay with her friend Clare. She left Mae Sot on Thursday 24 February and is in Australia until 16 March when she makes her way home via Bangkok and London. She apparently vomited and had the runs all the way to Australia.

  3. Hi there
    Thanks for the photos and blog. I know nothing about Mae Sot but there seems to be something urging us to go and visit.We are looking at taking our family there (4,6.8,10 and 18 years old)....Maybe May/June. :-) I hope you had good travels back home.