Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Catch Up

The nursery have gotten many packages from Gillian, the Campie nursery teacher. One of the times, she sent bunting that the teachers hung on the ceiling.

Teacher Ku Paw told me about this little boy. He lives with his Grandmother in Mae Sot because his parent's live and work in Bangkok. They are working away from him so they can send money back to him in Mae Sot. He's about 4 years old.

Many people who live in Mae Sot or Thailand work hard so they can send money back to their families. They keep a small amount for themselves and send money back to the Parents, children, siblings etc.
These are some of the kids from the nursery waiting to go home. They were sitting outside chatting away, I asked teacher Ku Paw what they were talking about and she said they were saying they're excited to go home and see the little brothers and sisters.

This is Zwe and teacher Za Za. Zwe is a student in my English after school class and teacher Za Za is a nursery teacher. They are lovely people and their whole family speak great English.

My little brother Heh Blu Soh and one of my favourite teacher's Eh Say. She is lovelyyyy!

There is a student in my English class who is quite a good artist. He wanted to learn more so I took some of his drawings to Sein Sein Lin. She is one of the artists at Borderline shop. She really liked them and will start teaching him on Sundays.

That night Lisa, Ailsa, my roommates and I went to see Poh Cho and Ni Shar. Ni Shar made yummy food and Poh Cho told my roommates about what he teachers in his school. Poh Cho speaks a lot to the children in his school about political topics such as Child Soldiers, Child trafficking, Child rights etc. Not many schools feel safe enough to do this and to not have any involvment in political subjects.
Here are some of Yan Naing Win's pictures.

We got another package from teacher Gillian for CDC nursery. The teachers were really happy, they just don't show it in photos. They look a bit confused because they didn't know what the contents of the package were.

Mum asked me to get photos of Grade 6's and 7's. Teacher Myo Nyunt took them. I think he enjoyed it, they were so creative!

This is teacher Myo Nyunt looking very fashionable as usual. Thought I'd get a photo for the Campie teacher's. I'll have a book of all his fashionable outfits by the time I leave.

I made mince and tatties! Yummmmmmmm!

Sat and ate dinner at the front door beside a little frog!

Then my roommates and I went out for a night out with our friends Joe and Stalin.
First, we went to My Mae Sot bar and watched a Burmese band play.


Lianna and I.

Ben and Stalin.

Ben and Joe.

We bought a bottle of Rum for like £3. Spirit bottles are sooo cheap.
Ben and Lianna.

They all got up to sing a Burmese song, I sat out and filmed it haha.

We've been trying to explain to people that a ring on your 'ring finger' means you are either engaged or married. They really don't understand that. So we tried a different tactic of telling people that if they wear a ring on that finger everybody'll think they're off the market and won't want to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. That definitely works! haha.
Stalin and I got married!

Ben and Lianna danced.

We lost Lianna! We thought she went to the toilet and she'd been about 20 mins so I went to find her and she was with one of the barmaids getting Thannaka and make-up put on haha.

Then we went off to Y2K, the club in Mae Sot. I've never wanted to go before cause it seemed really sleazy. But we were in a good group so it seemed like fun.


The club was cool, I never thought there'd be a club like that in Mae Sot. There was a live pop band playing like a gig. They let you take in bottles of spirits and just buy mixers so we did that.
On our table, there was free popcorn!!
I haddddddddd to get a photo of the toilet sign! So funny!!

The next day (with a big hangover) I went with Yan Naing Win to Sein Sein Lin for an art lesson.

More blogs to comeeeeeeee. Next one is about Mae La refugee camp I think.
This week I had a fabby time in Chiang Mai. Met up with my roommates a lot and we made new friends and went to good bars.
Yesterday we had a day off for World Teacher's Day so me, the Thai teacher, her sister and 3 students went to a waterfall and climbed up it!!


  1. Best blog yet!!! I'll write more later x

  2. Clair's right. Magic blog. You look so happy and you're really brown and healthy looking. I love the way you know so many different Burmese, Karen and Thai people there and do loads of interesting things with them all. You had a day off and went up a waterfall with the Thai teacher and her sister and 3 students. I'm quite jealous really. I love the picture of you eating your mince and tatties with a little frog! Although I would say that your mince fails the Laing test because it has so many bits in it! Yan Naing Win's art is stunning and one of those would make a lovely present for your mum. Lastly, I am very proud of Campie Nursery for working so hard at building their friendship with CDC Nursery. How great to see Gillian's bunting up with the Scottish flags I bought in Ali's cave. So, yes, this is a great blog. Must have been taken before your haircut so show us the haircut that cost £2.50. Love to you.

  3. Brilliant blog Louise, it must have taken you ages! You're looking radiant, it must be the recent wedding!

    Those wee ones are the cutest things.

    The pictures are amazing, I bet he is delighted to be having lessons.

    Can you ask MN to email?

    Have fun
    Hannah x

  4. Love the blogs, well done, this one is excellent and the photos great. Also the paintings. £3 bottles of spirit / green with jealousy!

    Best wishes from all at St Mag's.

  5. Oh looks like you're having the time of your life. Very jealous indeed. Great to see the photos of Myo and the classes. How is he and the students? His style is amazing and he looks great too. I'm going to share the blog with my class, the children are really fascinated by Mae Sot and the C.D.C. students. Hope you're well Louise, looking very content, and you're enjoying the house and the teaching. Keep up the super posts. Alicia x

  6. loving the £3 bottles of spirits and how you are going out to clubs. boma.
    and how insane was it to walk up a waterfall? that would be unreal!
    love youuu x

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